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Bulgarian property - Bulgaria property for sale - Bulgarian properties for sale
Bulgarian property - Bulgaria property for sale - Bulgarian properties for sale
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Bulgarian property - Bulgaria property for sale - Bulgarian properties for sale

Bulgarian property - Bulgaria property for sale - Bulgarian properties for sale

North of Varna there is a cluster of seaside resorts all with fine - sandy beaches but differing in size and style.

Just 5 kilometers north of Varna is the Euxinograd Palace which was built as a royal summer residence in 1882. The palace and its wonderfully kept formal gardens resemble a French chateau. It is set in beautiful wooded parkland which reaches down to the fine sandy beach. On the edge of the estate the famous and deliciou Euxinograd wine, cognac and rakiya are bottled.

The resort of Golden Sands is the largest one on the Northern Black Sea coast. It is situated 18 kilometers north-east of Varna. Its four kilometre beach slopes gently into water which has no dangerous currents. There is a wealth of sporting and other facilities available, all very moderately priced. Water-skiing, wind-surfing, paraskung, snorkelling, tennis, volleyball, mini-golf and croquet can fill the visitor's day, and a choice of restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs provide evening entertainment. Many hotels have recently been refurbished and upgraded.

By contrast, Albena is the youngest resort, it has modern architecture and a youthful image. Its seven kilometre beach offers the same wide range of sporting facilities as Golden Sands, and there is a good selection of restaurants, folk taverns and other evening entertainments.

Beyond Albena to the north is the small town of Balchik There is a picturesque harbour area, and from the jetty it is fascinating to watch shoals of tiny fish darting about in the clear water, while larger individual fish lurk in a predatory fashion in the shadow of small boats. Coastal shipping brings visitors for the day, and one or two new restaurants near the harbour cater for them, but otherwise Balchik is a quiet small sea-side town on a wooded hillside.

The chief attraction in Balcik is the wonderful Botanical Garden. Its ten hectares surround the small summer palace of the Romanian Queen Marie. (The area was part of Romania between 1913 and 1940). The attractive villa has the unusual addition of a minaret. The gardens are set on a steep hillside, and descend in six terraces to the sea - supposedly one for each of the Queen's children. There are over three thousand varieties of shrubs, roses and flowers, set among streams, waterfalls, and ornamental channels. There is a rock garden, a formal French one with clipped box cones and geometric beds, and an astonishing collection of cacti. Interspersed are stone thrones, seats, pillars and ornaments collected by the Queen.

North of Balchik the coast is virtually untouched by tourism, the road passes through Kavarna, a port from where much of Dobrudja's grain is exported. A minor road leads to Cape Kaliakra, with its prominent red cliffs rising 60 metres above the sea. Today it is a peaceful nature reserve, where hooded cormorants nest, seals and dolphins cavort in the sea, and pink starlings and rock blackbirds frequent the cliffs and caves.

Located 90 km from the city of Varna and 40 km north of the resort of Albena, situated admidst an old oak forest in exotic Birds' Bay, Roussalka holiday vilage is the perfect blend of unspoilt nature and original architecture. Facilities available to curative mineral water showers (38 C) in the place of old Roman thermae, kindergarten and children's sports, restaurants, Bar-Tavern housed in a natural cave, day bar, night club, yacht club with 15 yachts and 15 canoe-kayaks, tennis courts, minifootball, volleyball, basketball and archery. Fitness hall.

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